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Q: Can I purchase my tickets on the day?

A: Yes, admission tickets are available on the day subject to availability. Flightline, Swordfish and Lynx enclosure tickets can only be bought in advance.


Q: Are there any ticket discounts or concessions?

A: We offer a discount for service personnel through the Defence Discount Service from February.


Q: Can I book tickets alongside a coach trip?

A: You can indeed. Please find the coach details in the Travel & Accommodation section below.


Q: I have an entry ticket, am I able to upgrade to an enclosure ticket?

A: Upgrading is no problem at all. Contact us through the tab above and we will run you through the process.


Q: When will my tickets arrive?

A: If purchased before May, your tickets will arrive in mid-May. If purchased after mid-May, they will take approximately 1 week to arrive.


Q: I have bought tickets but can’t attend. Can I get a refund?

A: All our tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis and it is against our policy to issue any refunds once a ticket has been purchased.


We will only consider refunds in extreme circumstances in which case, the tickets will have to be posted to: Mayfair 1 The Square, Barnstaple, EX32 8LS. Refunds will only be issued after Air Day.


Q: Can I sell my ticket?

A: We ask that you do not sell your tickets online but will accept sales to friends and family at face value.

Dates & Timings


Q: What date is the Air Day?

A: Saturday the 11th of July 2020.


Q: What time do the car parks open?

A: Our car parks open at 0800.


Q: What time do the gates open and close?

A: Our gates open at 0900 and close at 1700.


Q: What time do the flying displays start and finish?

A: Flying Displays begin at 1100 and finish at approximately 1630.

Travel & Accommodation


Q: Is there a campsite at RNAS Yeovilton?

A: There is a Caravan & Motorhome Facility at RNAS Yeovilton. This is for caravans and motorhomes only (no tents or trailer tents will be accepted). Please visit our Caravan & Motorhome Facility page for details.


Q: Is there nearby accommodation?

A: Give our local Tourist Information Centres a call to find details on accommodation. Alternatively, have a quick search through Google.


Q: What transport options are there to get to the show?

A: There are many ways to travel to Air Day:

Bicycle Head for the Fury/disabled car park located opposite the Fleet Air Arm Museum entrance.

Motorbike – Hard standing parking for motorbikes is available in Fury and Harrier car parks.

Car – We have six free car parks in the fields surrounding the air station, each about a 10-15-minute walk away from the entrance gates. You will be directed to your nearest car park on arrival. There is also a disabled car park available much closer to the gates and located in a hard standing car park. Please see our Disabled Facilities section below for more information.

Coach – We team up with coach companies that offer you an excursion to Air Day! Please see our list of coach operators here to find out more information.

Bus – A shuttle bus is available from Yeovil Pen Mill train station and Yeovil Junction train station. You will be able to view the timetable and prices from April 2020.

Train – Our nearest stations are Yeovil Penn Mill and Yeovil Junction. The bus service above will to take you straight to the show from here.

Fly - Please fill in our Application Form and read our Guide here.

Please also take a look at our Traffic Plan Summary for further details.


Q: How much does it cost to park?

A: All of our car parks are absolutely free!


Q: Am I able to go back to my vehicle throughout the day?

A: Yes, you can go back to your car during the day. Please bear in mind that the main car parks are a good 10-15-minute walk away from the show ground. Make sure you get your hand stamped on the way out to ensure you can regain entry.

Q:  Is there a drop off point at the show?

A: Head for the Fury car park by following the coach or disabled traffic signs. Please note, the roads become extremely busy so please allow additional travel time.


Q: What is the postcode?

A: BA22 8HT

If you are following a Sat Nav to the show, please turn it off on approach and follow the temporary traffic signs instead, otherwise you won’t be directed to the car parks!




Q: What aircraft will be present at the Royal Navy International Air Day?

A: Visitors can expect to see aircraft from the Royal Navy, the British Army, the Royal Air Force and foreign allied nations. As confirmations are received, announcements will be made and our participation list will be updated accordingly. To see our participation list visit our main web page here. You can also get regular updates by following our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages or by signing up to our emails here.


Q: When do aircraft announcements begin?

A: Our aircraft announcements will usually begin early in the year, with most announcements being made between April and June. This can vary year to year.


Q: Can I access the flying program?

A: You can see our flying program within one of our Souvenir Brochures. You can pre-purchase them in advance for a discounted rate or pick one up on the day from any of our Information booths. Please note that the flying program is always subject to change. Find our Souvenir Brochure information here.


Q: Why do the aircraft sometimes cancel?

A: Operational duties, technical difficulties and financial limitations are just a few reasons an aircraft might have to cancel.


Q: Can I fly into the Royal Navy International Air Day?

A: Yes you can but we only have limited slots. Please fill in our Application Form and read our Guide here.


Disabled Facilities

Q: Is there a disabled car park?

A: Yes, visitors who have a blue badge or a mobility impairment can gain access to our disabled car park. This is located on hard standing and is near one of our main entry points. Please ensure you follow the disabled signs when approaching RNAS Yeovilton and not your Sat Nav.  


Q: Is there an area suitable for disabled visitors?

A: The Sea King Enclosure (disabled enclosure) is available for those that may need it. It is an area with disabled toilets, tables, chairs and Naval Personnel and Cadets on hand to assist if required.


Spaces are very limited and subject to eligibility and availability. Admission tickets must be purchased in addition. Access is restricted to the visitor and ONE carer only.


From the disabled car park, the Sea King Enclosure is about a 5-10-minute walk. Please find more information about the enclosure here.


Q: Can I hire a mobility scooter or wheelchair?

A: Scooters and wheelchairs can be provided by Event Mobility. Please ensure to book in advance. You can contact them by phone on 01386 725391 or visit their website here.


Q: Can I bring my own mobility scooter/ wheelchair?

A: Yes, you can bring your own mobility scooter and wheelchair to Air Day.


Q: Is the showground suitable for mobility scooters/ wheelchairs?

A: The majority of the facilities are accessible via hardstanding. There are some grass areas however, these are quite flat.


Q: Are disabled toilets accessible on the ground?

A: Yes, there are disabled toilets located across the show ground. There is a disabled toilet located at each key location, including the Sea King Enclosure, disabled car park and the hospitality and viewing enclosures.


Please also take a look at our Access Statement for more details.


At Air Day


Q: How do I contact lost property?

A: If you have lost anything at Air Day, please go to our Contact Us tab to get in touch with as much information as possible.


Q: If my child is lost, who do I contact and how can I find them?

A: There is a Lost Child Centre operated by DBS checked staff on the airfield who deal with lost and found children. Please make your way there and/or inform a member of the team. Please ensure each child in your party is wearing their wrist band and all the details are filled in correctly. If they get lost, it will be much easier to reunite you quickly with your child.


The wristbands will be posted to you with your advance tickets. On the day they can be acquired from any entry point or from one of our six information booths.


Q: Can I bring my dog/ pets to the show?

A: No dogs or pets are allowed into the show or car parks at the Air Day, except for guide dogs. The aircraft are too noisy and the whole day would be very distressing for them.


Q: Can I buy food and drink at Air Day?

A: You can buy food and drink at Air Day. We have many food outlets attending who offer an array of different cuisines and beverages to satisfy your taste buds!


Q: Can I bring my own food and drink?

A: Yes, you can bring your own food and drink to the show. We recommend that you bring a re-fillable bottle to top up with water when you need to (especially if its set to be a scorching hot day).


Q: Where do I purchase a Souvenir Brochure

A: You can purchase your very own Souvenir Brochure online here at a discounted price. We will send you a voucher which you can redeem for your brochure on the day from one of our six Information Booths (please don't forget to bring your voucher).


You can also purchase your Souvenir Brochure on the day for £7 from the Information Booths, entrance points or from one of our lovely helpful cadets.


Q: Can I bring my own wind shelter/tent/ladder to use at Air Day?

A: In the interests of all spectators, large tents and gazebos are not permitted at the Air Day. Step ladders and small tents/shelters (no larger than 1.5 metres in height) are not permitted within 20 metres of the crowdline.

Q: Can I purchase ear defenders at Air Day?

A: Yes you can, many of our trading stalls will have them on sale on the day.


Q: Are there any information points?

A: Yes, we have two located outside the gates and four located on the show ground – look out for the tall white information flags.


Q: Where are the toilets?

A: We have toilets located all around the grounds. If you cannot find any, please ask at an Information Booth.


Q: Are there any cash machines?

A: A cash point facility is available at Air Day located opposite Hangar 7. Cash back facility is also available from the ticket booths at the entrance gates.


Q: How do I book a Helicopter Pleasure Flight?

A: Click here to book your flight. We do recommend you book in advance to avoid any disappointment on the day!


** You must have purchased a valid ticket for entry to the show to book your Helicopter Pleasure Flight **


Q: What is your smoking policy at Air Day?

A: Please only smoke in the dedicated smoking areas and NOT within 30 meters of any of the aircraft. Please dispose of your extinguished cigarette in a responsible manner.


Arrivals Day


Q: What date is Arrivals Day?

A: Friday the 10th of July 2020.


Q: What time is Arrivals Day?

A: 10:30-15:00.


Q: How do I purchase tickets?

A: Click the link here to find our Arrivals Day page for more information and to purchase your ticket.


Q: How much are tickets?

A: £15 per person.

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